Lost Classmates
If you are in touch with any of these folks on the list below, ask them to provide their current address and email to: wahibluedevils76@gmail.com or post on the facebook page!
Antonio Aguilar
Kevin Aldrich
Paul Breiner
Tom Breit
Kenneth Carlson
Frank Carrera
Anita Cline
Melody Cline
Ann Clodius
Cindy Craig
Sherry Cress
Joann Dawson McCoy
Rodney Duncan
Daniel Gilman
Tom Gose
Richard Hill
Dale Holcomb
Gerald Hudson
Jesse James
Paul Jaquish
William Jarboe
Tim Kennedy
Lynette Klam
Joan Long
Rosanna Mann
John Marshall

Dan McDowell
Joseph Mendoza
James Morgan
Diane Moss

Ken Mulhair
Scott Norsworthy
Roger Offill
Debra Olson
Dave Parker
Kimberly Parkinson
Sylvia Perez
Rhonda Piersall

Larry Powers
Melvin Ralph
Susan Riggs
Barbara Roberson
Ronald Rogers

Lynda Sams Holland
Maria Santos
Jennifer Schaub
James Simmons
Christina Smith
Gloria Smith

Marvin Smith
Tom Snell

Lori Sporleder Aleba
Jeff Springer
Bill Stewart
Janine Strickland Bork

Help us find these people so we can include everyone!