1) Which classmate made history by streaking on a motorcycle across campus?
Dave Beebe
Gary Gray
Cam Lees
Mike Jansen
2) What day/date did we graduate?
Saturday, June 5, 1976
Friday, June 4, 1976
Sunday, June 6, 1976
I am old and can't remember!

3) What was the name of the most popular post game eatery?
The Modern
Pizza Petes
The Steak Out
Red Steer
4) Which parking lot was infamous for smoking?
Gym parking lot
Science Parking
Academic Parking lot
No one smoked in 1976

5) What was the theme for our Homecoming Dance?
Could It Be Magic
Peace Train
Tequila Sunrise
Ladies Night
6) Who was the host of the American Top 40 Radio show?
Wolfman Jack
Dick Clark
Don Cornelius
Casey Kasem